How to hire Independent Contractors the RIGHT WAY so you don't end up paying upwards of $10,000 in penalties, back wages, overtime, and worse - plaintiff attorney's fees* for suing your business.
*In some cases, plaintiff attorney's fees are characterized as EXTORTION FEES by employers defending the lawsuit!!

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Lesson #1
How can your BUSINESS generate more revenue, reduce cost, and boost profit margins by hiring independent contractors without the fear of being sued after the end of the engagement? How do you prevent paying for the penalties, back wages, and overtime?
Lesson #2
Model all the TESTS used and FACTORS considered by state and federal agencies and courts as your checklist to make a preliminary determination if you are doing the right thing. This will dramatically reduce the chance of being hammered by the government and disgruntle independent contractors after separation.
Lesson #3
RECENT TRENDS and BEST PRACTICES show that hiring and retaining independent contractors by other established companies will make you more confident. You will be heading in the right direction, which will increase your company’s production. It will also dramatically reduce the chance of a COSTLY misclassification.
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I want to know how to hiring independent contractors the RIGHT WAY  
so you don't end up paying penalties, back wages, and overtime!
*Seats Are Very Limited - Only 100  Spots*
About The Host
Tony Liu is an attorney who has been helping businesses avoid legal problems and address them when they come up for fifteen years. His practice covers a wide range of issues facing the business community including partnership disputes, intellectual property, contract law, commercial real estate and fraud. Tony helps businesses who need a general counsel but who would rather have an outside attorney perform that role.

Tony’s job is to focus on his clients’ legal issues so they can focus on running their businesses. After fifteen years of litigating cases he’s learned that even if his client “wins” its case the end result can be destructive and expensive. Tony helps business owners identify and address potential legal issues before they become problems or crises because that’s far less costly in time, energy and money for his clients.
Tony is a deal maker, not a deal breaker. He protects his clients while not over-lawyering or making things needlessly complex. Tony speaks the truth to his clients, as difficult as that may be at times, because that’s what they need to hear.

In addition to practicing law Tony is a certified Master Success and Life Coach, and he brings that approach to his legal practice. He wants his clients to succeed by preventing legal distractions from draining their energies and resources. Tony empowers his clients through his work and positive, entrepreneurial spirit.

Tony has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance (Real Estate Emphasis) from California State University-Fullerton, a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Law in Taxation and Trial Advocacy from the Golden Gate University School of Law and Chapman University School of Law. 
What other CEO said about Tony!
We have engaged Tony’s legal services since 2015. During this time, he has taken  time to understand our business objectives and the type of risks involved in our business. He always made recommendations based on sound legal reasoning. He is  also able to align his recommendations with our business objectives. Should he not be able to do so, he will layout clearly why his legal advice and our business objectives may not be congruent. He will always lay out a clear reason and explanation of risk so we can make informed decisions. 

Tony also understands that at times when we are engaging in sizable transactions with  our vendors, the timing in preparing the material terms and conditions to form a written agreement is critically important. He always goes above and beyond to accommodate our need to have the deal done! I consider Tony and his law firm is  a critical part of our team!

Douglas Su, CEO
VM5 Lighting Solutions, LLC
Hiring independent contractors the RIGHT WAY  
so you don't end up paying penalties, back wages, and overtime!
*Seats Are Very Limited - Only 100  Spots*
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